Food Defense and Facility Protection Session


Food Defense and Facility Protection

“All Hands on Deck”

Presented by Global Food Defense Institute

September 19 - 20, 2019

Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Center


The nation’s food, agricultural business owners, senior management and operators are uniquely positioned to manage risks to their individual operations and assets, and to determine effective strategies to make them more secure and resilient. Step one in developing your food defense programs at your facility is to have a good understanding of what risks we face, who are those who can cause us harm and how to mitigate the risk. Facility managers and owners need to learn how to prepare and react to a crisis situation and understand the requirements of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act. Food Defense is everybody’s business!


  • All Hands-on Deck: The New Face of Crime and Terrorism

    • What are the current threats? The face of a terrorist.

  • Product Tampering & Threat Response Workshop:

    • Engaging “real life” scenario that will have attendee’s in a state of awe! What do we do if this situation happens to us?

  • Intentional Adulteration Rule (FSMA):

    • Compliance in 3 easy steps!

  • Vulnerability Assessments:

    • You won’t believe this video of an actual food defense penetration test at a food facility!

  • Active Shooter Readiness and Response:

    • How there is a connection between food defense, workplace violence and active shooter/assailant situations!


Rod Wheeler is the Founder and CEO of The Global Food Defense Institute, the only global firm that focuses solely on Food Defense, Intentional Adulteration, education, tampering investigations and intelligence. Rod has also served as a Crime Analyst for several national and international news outlets, providing analysis and commenting on cases of International Security, Terrorism and Crime. The Global Food Defense Institute has conducted dozens of strategic mitigation security assessments, written numerous facility security plans and have conducted several product tampering and workplace violence related investigations for various companies large and small.


Rod Wheeler, Founder, The Global Food Defense Institute, email:

Phone: (202) 368-3007

Washington, DC

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