President's Message

Dear Food Safety Professional,

It is an honor and privilege to serve as this year’s president of the AAFP.  I have been involved with the organization since its inception and have watched the organization grow over the last nine years.  Each year the AAFP strives to be a go-to meeting for the food safety professionals within our state as well as many other state affiliates and food safety professionals.  Over the years the AAFP has grown from 20 members and attendees to greater than 300 at our last meeting.  We had the privilege of offering many unique aspects to the annual meeting including a FBI sponsored food defense workshop at our 2016 annual meeting and offering continuing education credits to those who attended the 2016 meeting.  We encourage student involvement by including volunteer opportunities and a student poster competition at the annual meeting.  Each year our board members review emerging issues and feed back from previous meetings to ensure future annual meetings are informative and innovative for the food safety concerns you may have.  FSMA, foreign materials, and regulatory involvement are important issues for the upcoming year and AAFP will be a leading source for information regarding these issues at the upcoming 2017 annual meeting. 

I look forward to serving the AAFP to the best of my ability and look forward to seeing you at the 2017 annual food safety meeting in September.


Kindest Regards,

Karen Beers

President of the Arkansas Association of Food Protection