President's Message

Dear Food Safety Professional,

In an ever-changing food industry it has become imperative for Food Safety professionals to seek out new technologies and processes to further the advancement of safe high quality food to consumers. The AAFP is compiled of professionals in their field that feel an obligation not only to educate on the advancement of food safety but provide an avenue for the different industries to come together and share best practices.

The wealth of knowledge contained within the membership of the AAFP is unfathomable. The depths and diversity of our membership knowledge stems from an impressive list of food processors, produce, poultry, meats, and a wide range of grocery and agricultural categories. We also have the world’s largest retailer/grocer, the largest meat company, and leading distribution/refrigerated transport companies headquartered within our state and a nationally prominent University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

Our annual conference combines National level speakers with an impressive list of Vendors attracting 300+ food safety professionals, not only from Arkansas but also from multiple states within the region. The conference is designed to educate and provide attendees the opportunity to share best practices and build relationships that can be utilized as daily resources within the industry. These relationships and exposure to the limitless knowledge, in attendance, at our meetings is what contributes to the growth of the AAFP chapter.

I am humbled and honored to serve as the 2019 President of a Chapter who’s members have such an awesome presence within the food industry and reach all corners of the world. I am looking forward to being a part of the continued growth of AAFP and witnessing our impact on continuous food safety improvements within the food industry.

Barbara Smith